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ALF Software Solutions is a leading provider of web-based computer security testing solutions. We provide dedicated servers and VPS and Clustered Firewalls for secure remote server testing. We provide low cost, high availability, and high performing web-based testing solutions that help our customers ensure the quality and security of their websites. Our services include vulnerability assessment, database coverage, and web site design. If you need a comprehensive software solution for your next website security testing needs, consider using our tested and certified systems.

Our goal is to provide our clients with superior web based security testing solutions that work seamlessly with their mission critical applications. We have over 22 years of experience developing and supporting secure and compliant web testing software. We offer high performance, low cost, and outstanding service to our global client base. If you need more information or when you want to view SPA in action Please contact us!

Our comprehensive packages are designed for maximum client satisfaction and are easily customizable to meet all of your web testing needs. In addition, all of our web security testing programs are HIPAA compliant and supported on all major browsers. If you need your web testing solution to be compliant and run on the latest browsers our software works well with the following: Netscape 4.0, Internet Explorer v5.0, Mozilla Firefox v3.0, Safari v4.0, Google Chrome v2.3.6, Opera v10.5, and Android v4.2.3

Alf Software Solutions

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Our products are designed to protect your web server and provide a robust and versatile protection system. With our suite of dynamic testing tools you can test your web application securely anywhere, anytime. Our software has been thoroughly evaluated and is compliant with the latest security standards. It is also designed to work well with the latest versions of the most popular browsers. In addition to protecting against security breaches it also provides an efficient and flexible web application deployment solution.

Our comprehensive security solutions are designed to provide users the assurance that their website will be scanned and analyzed to ensure maximum safety. Our web filtering technology works with many of the top browsers and is fully compatible with all security systems and plug-ins. Our comprehensive suite of web filtering algorithms effectively block known insecure areas and limit the exposure of users to insecure content. Our software effectively controls the browser cache, programming language loader, URL path filters, and more. It can also control the scripting language used on the internet as well as the error pages. This results in reduced bandwidth utilization and a faster overall website performance.

Our software products are based on industry standards and are highly secure. Our software can be accessed in real time from any location and is compatible with nearly every browser and operating system. Our mission is to provide you with world class secure web testing and software development. Our software has been extensively tested on a variety of platforms and is also compatible with the latest programming languages including ASP, Perl and PHP. We strongly believe in transparent software testing and you should be too. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.

Customer Relationship Management Software For Seniors

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software specifically designed for senior living is a powerful business tool that will reduce costs, improve customer service, and increase profitability. The ALF Software Solutions CRM Lead Tracking System(LTS) offers robust, web-based tools to track your relationships with your clients and their families. Utilizing the most widely used and accepted data tracking methods such as the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the LTS provides full visibility into your client’s and family’s activities – from phone calls to e-mail to live interactions. Using sophisticated proprietary tools, the LTS also provides comprehensive reports on activity from the client and their family members, including:

Meets Your Business Requirements

Another advantage of the ALF software solutions is the ability to generate comprehensive financial reports that are easy to read and understand. These reports make it easier for you to plan services and sales for seniors with your financial department. The system’s comprehensive capabilities allow you to track and analyze the activities of your entire customer system. Lead management is made easy with the full support of the software and a fully automated customer system administration.

If your company needs a superior lead management system for seniors, consider the top three software solutions available today. The ALF software solutions, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and the LTS solutions, make it possible for you to create a more successful senior community. By combining these software solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of using state-of-the-art technology to automate all aspects of your senior community contact management. The cost of these software solutions is affordable, especially when you consider that they provide access to the most effective CRM and LTS systems combined with the latest computer scanning technologies. With a little investigation into these software solutions, you can find an affordable software solution that meets your business requirements.

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