Clarity Software Solutions

Four Products

“Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. offers state-of-the-art technologies driving full-service healthcare engagement across the globe. As a market leader, Clarity helps clients worldwide to maximize client relations by improving control and flexibility over their internal communications. Clarity is located in Madison, Connecticut, servicing many healthcare organizations across the country. Clarity’s custom software solutions are developed within secure, intuitive, and web-based technologies, allowing a single communication to be distributed to nearly any media – online, print, or radio. The company has an experienced team of developers who continually work to deliver cutting-edge technology.

The health care industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. With the growth of the healthcare industry comes tremendous opportunity for expansion. As the medical industry increases, the need for skilled professionals will grow as well. To meet this demand, some companies outside the United States have created their own niche in the global healthcare industry.

The clarity of their software solutions allow clients in the United States to focus on providing personalized service to their patients. With a strong foothold in this growing market, Clarity offers many customizable services that can be tailored to fit your specific business needs. Clarity’s customer relationship management (CRM) suite consists of four products. These products include Clarity View, Clarity Builder, Clarity Conferencing and Clarity Mobile. Each product supports a different aspect of a healthcare organization’s business.

Clarity Software Solutions

Multiple Options

The Clarity View solution provides a visual overview of an organization’s activity. It provides key information such as number of new patients, number of new inquiries, number of new services, number of sales, and number of patients who are currently in the process of purchasing a service or product. This system also includes a patient portal, which allows the administrators to track each of the patients and their activity through the portal. This application is very flexible to utilize and can be customized to meet the needs of any size company.

The Clarity Builder software solutions offer advanced features and capabilities that are designed to boost productivity and increase profits. These applications include the easy accessibility of data and the creation of activity streams. This software solutions to help the company gain greater control and visibility over its workforce.

The Clarity Conferencing solution has evolved to provide users with greater ease of access and mobility. It enables multiple users to connect from various locations by using a common phone dialing system or Internet dialing services. By taking full advantage of the latest technology, this software solutions now combines voice and video conferencing. It is an ideal solution for companies that require on-site meetings and allow them to connect with the rest of the organization in real-time. This software solutions allows the users to make presentations to multiple customers without presenting them with multiple options and reducing costs associated with travel expenses and hotel expenses.

How Telemedicine Solutions Helps Patient Management

“Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. offers integrated technology driving true healthcare engagement through multi-modal communications. As a trusted industry leader, Clarity helps customers maximize client relationships through better control and flexibility over both the delivery and management of their communications. Clarity is based in Madison, Connecticut, servicing various health care organizations across the country. Clarity’s customized services are designed to improve communication and integrate existing business with new client contact information.

Improving The Quality

“The healthcare industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries for the past several years,” said Grant Freund, director of strategic markets at IDC Healthcare. “In response to this rapid growth, many health care offices have been employing healthcare technologies that not only simplify patient management but also provide enhanced patient care. Telemedicine is one such technology, which helps doctors and other health care professionals to instantly communicate with patients and medical teams even if they are not in the same location. This enables health care staff to perform their most important job – keeping patients healthy – at all times.”

“telemedicine expands the capacity of the healthcare organization as it enables the organization to provide real-time patient care, while reducing operational costs,” said Freund. “The advent of comprehensive and more intelligent teleproducts has made this possible. The adoption of new patient communication technology will also result in fewer patient records to track, improving the accuracy and completeness of patient records. These new systems will allow medical teams to quickly and easily identify common medical problems and common diseases by analyzing large database sets of patient information. This will reduce unnecessary patient intervention, thus improving the quality of patient care.”

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